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  1. tofuman

    EU Server restart June 14th, 2019

    I need to restart the EU server due to maintenance. This isn't related to PSO, just general server maintenance. This will occur at 00:00 GMT+1 (British Summer Time). The server will be offline for around 15 minutes.
  2. tofuman

    PAC Files

    As modders will know. To add samples to PSO requires adding them to the PAC file located in the subfolder data\sound. The issue with these files is that the offsets for where each sample is located in the PAC is hardcoded into the game's EXE. Along with ID's, loop information and so on. So...
  3. tofuman

    That time Ephinea got hacked

    Some may remember that back in August 2016 we published an announcement that one of our servers had been hacked via WordPress. At the time we couldn’t talk much more about it and unfortunately, parts of our source code had been obtained from the hack. I'm glad to say that this has finally come...
  4. tofuman

    This week I 'ave been mostly watching

    (kudos to those who got the title reference to the "fast show") The idea of this topic is for those with a Netflix/Amazon Prime/Chunchyroll subscription to recommend a TV series and or film to watch. Feel free also to post a review on your recommendations. Rules: Posters are to be limited to 1...
  5. tofuman

    Default Player Level Tables

    Some players may find it informative. Here are the default player level tables Which contain the starting stats and which stats increase upon leveling up. They are in CSV format so can be opened in any spreadsheet program or just plain old notepad if you're hardcore. **EDIT: I may have the...
  6. tofuman

    DAT Database migration tool

    As you may know, support for the DAT based databases will be dropped in the next release of Tethealla. Along with the new source/binaries you'll have a tool which will enable you to migrate any DAT based database to SQLite. I'm currently testing the tool with small databases but would be ideal...
  7. tofuman

    Next release of Tethealla

    Edit by Sodaboy: NO, THERE WILL NOT BE A NEW VERSION OF TETHEALLA. See my post at the bottom of this topic. Hello All. I know it's been long awaited. Thank you for being patient. As you may know we've shelved rewriting the server code (mainly due to project members having other commitments)...
  8. tofuman

    Generic PSOBB Widescreen Launcher

    I've created a general release of my widescreen launcher for PSOBB. Once downloaded place the launcher.exe file in the same folder as the PSOBB client EXE. You could even replace online.exe with this launcher if you wish. When first run the launcher will check for 3 files. 2 files for the skin...
  9. tofuman

    Tools by Tofuman

    I'll be placing the tools that I've made over the years here. Guides on how to use them will follow. PRC Tool v1.0 DOWNLOAD Utility used for compressing and decompressing PRC (PR2) files. PRC's are used in PSOBB for the lobby image placement file. PR2's are also used in PSOX for the text files...
  10. tofuman

    Adding images to the lobby

    Requirements: A HEX Editor (I recommend Hex Editor Neo) (Optional) VMT (PVM/XVM Tool by SchtHack) PRCTool (by Tofuman) for decrypting/encrypting the PRC files GIMP / Paint.NET or any other image editing software PRC Splice Numbers.pdf I've created to explain the splices used in the PRC file...