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  1. tofuman

    EU Server restart June 14th, 2019

    The server is now back online.
  2. tofuman

    EU Server restart June 14th, 2019

    The server has an issue booting back up. It will be offline while I rebuild it.
  3. tofuman

    EU Server restart June 14th, 2019

    I need to restart the EU server due to maintenance. This isn't related to PSO, just general server maintenance. This will occur at 00:00 GMT+1 (British Summer Time). The server will be offline for around 15 minutes.
  4. tofuman

    PSO Asset Exports

    With your format does it also export the bones so they can be positioned in blender?
  5. tofuman

    Tools by Tofuman

    I've updated the Palette Manager so that you can configure the numerical keys also via the config file. PSOBB Palette Manager v1.0.2 DOWNLOAD
  6. tofuman

    PAC file issue.

    the update to my pac manager will fix your PAC file. So you can open the PAC in my manager and resave to fix it ( The DLL will also be updated with code that will go looking for the sample when it is not where it expects it to be...
  7. tofuman

    PAC Files

    I've added the code that will fix broken PAC files edited using older utilities which may have issues working with Ephinea.
  8. tofuman

    PAC file issue.

    Was your common.pac made with my Pac manager? If you could send me the file I'll debug why it's failing to process the samples.
  9. tofuman

    User name Nagger

    I've locked this topic. While clearly anyone creating a character with an offensive name risks punishment. When I see that character name the first thing that comes to mind isn't racial or anything offensive. Also it is best to report these types of issues to the admins via PM or if you prefer...
  10. tofuman

    Remote Access you PC to your phone to play PSO

    Remotr works better. I tested this a few months ago with my tablet.
  11. tofuman

    Lose connection to the server starting boss fights.

    Ensure your antivirus isn't blocking psobb.exe. Ensure that you haven't installed into a windows protected folder such as program files. Add psobb.exe to DEP. Ensure you test with unmodified game files.
  12. tofuman

    Lose connection to the server starting boss fights.

    If this were windows it would be caused by pso being installed into a protected folder and uac still enabled and/or dep. It's caused by access to asset files. Not sure how it applies to mac though. But you need to ensure nothing is blocking pso from accessing it's assets.
  13. tofuman

    Shared team bank

    You can also send items to teammates using the send item function in the team menu
  14. tofuman

    qedit help!

    obj room ids suck. I made the mistake when I first started to make quests. I wanted to place everything myself. and learned the hard way you you'll get issues like this. So when working with the forest (or any map that uses obj room ids) ensure that you have show room id and set that "Room ID...
  15. tofuman

    How much data does this use?

    it's to do with the packet protection. The key rotates on every packet sent and received so a dropped packet has the key get out of sync. resulting in a DC. Also I was surprised to see pso appears to peak at about 10kbps but while in a solo game its more like 1kbps. So your only worry would be...
  16. tofuman

    How much data does this use?

    The only thing to be cautious of is patches. Some can be pretty large if they include new music although this doesn't happen often. You can check it's bandwidth by using performance monitor and checking psobb.exe under the network tab. I'd imagine something like an average of 50kbps. Maybe up...
  17. tofuman

    Controller buying help!

    I used an original xbox controller s using the XBCD drivers for many years (Also these are going up in value online so may be best to check out boot sales/flea markets to grab one cheap. I Switched to Xbox 360 wired when windows updates started to break XBCD. I use a PS4 controller when I use...
  18. tofuman

    It runs a little slow on my old netbook. Anyway to speed it up?

    Enabled "Low performance" in the options this will reduce the load on the CPU. Then click more in the options check low res textures and slide the detail sliders to the left. Ensure Advanced Effect is unchecked. try changing the fog to Vertex or Emulation. If the game still runs slow look for...
  19. tofuman

    PAC Files

    As modders will know. To add samples to PSO requires adding them to the PAC file located in the subfolder data\sound. The issue with these files is that the offsets for where each sample is located in the PAC is hardcoded into the game's EXE. Along with ID's, loop information and so on. So...
  20. tofuman

    Your top 5 Youtubers you watch or are subbed to

    Only 5.... I actively watch a fair few. But I guess: Mighty Car Mods Game Sack GameHut HappyConsoleGamer Nathan Barnatt