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  1. Jadzia

    Randomly getting "No. 100 No Connection Available"

    Are you wired or on wifi connection?
  2. Jadzia


    Hi, i'd like to get a few things on your list if still available. I have a couple things also on your want list.
  3. Jadzia

    S> Hardcore Items for Normal mode items

    Is the rappy red mag still available.
  4. Jadzia

    B > S Rank Mechgun Demons

    have pds and golds left over from the last event if anyone has this available to sell. Special or Blank is okay.
  5. Jadzia

    Mike's Hard Goods

    Frozen Shooter [0/0/20/0|25] 11 PD Can i buy this.
  6. Jadzia

    B> Meseta 500k:1

    I have a bunch I will sell.
  7. Jadzia

    S> Various S-Ranks (Closed)

    I will buy hell and berserk needle.
  8. Jadzia

    B> Red Ring [Any Stats]

  9. Jadzia

    B> Red Ring [Any Stats]

    Buying Red Ring. Message here or dm if u are selling.
  10. Jadzia

    S\ V502 X4

    Is this still available
  11. Jadzia


    Is this still available
  12. Jadzia

    B> Cent Ability CLOSED

    thank u. thank u.
  13. Jadzia

    B> Cent Ability CLOSED

  14. Jadzia

    B> Cent Ability CLOSED

  15. Jadzia

    B> Cent Ability CLOSED

    If anyone is selling can i please buy.
  16. Jadzia

    Obi`s Shop

    can i get charge vulcan 50 hit and hell raygun 50 hit.
  17. Jadzia

    Obi`s Shop

    Sent message on discord.
  18. Jadzia

    S> Items, Mats etc

    Sent pm.
  19. Jadzia

    B> v501 [DONE]

    If anyone has one extra they can sell, would appreciate it.
  20. Jadzia

    CS: TEAM SOULS (Highly active team for Normal & Hardcore Players)

    Hi everyone, im brand new to this server. Started about a week ago. Im interested in joining an active team. Up until now ive mostly played solo due to not knowing anyone. I have previous experience on two other servers. Im interested in learning all the new stuff on ephinea. I basically...