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  1. Ender

    New Quest and Quest Updates

    Hello Hunters! A new quest named "Random Attack Xrd REV 1" has been added to Ephinea under Episode 1 → Maximum Attack. This quest is my take on an Episode 1 randomizer in the spirit of the existing Xrd quest. The quest contains all of Episode 1's standard maps excluding Caves 2 and Ruins 2...
  2. Ender

    Xrd REV 4 feedback thread

    I'll be updating Xrd REV 4 this weekend to fix some issues and make some tiny balance changes. Current list of changes... Hide the laser fences that appear inside a few rocks to block off paths. Close off that side room in Desert 1 on the pyro route. Add meseta to the reward based on the floors...
  3. Ender

    Unplanned Server Downtime 1/1/2021

    There was a maintenance event at the server provider about 80 minutes ago, and there is an issue with bringing up the login server. Sodaboy is currently looking into it. This post will be updated when we know more. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this resolved soon.
  4. Ender

    All weekly boosts active on the 21st

    Hi everyone! To celebrate Phantasy Star Online's 20th birthday, all of the weekly boosts will be active and doubled on the 21st starting at 00:00 UTC. This is about 19 hours, 45 minutes away from the time of this post. In addition, presents will be dropping at 1/750 from any defeated monster...
  5. Ender

    Small drop table changes

    Hello Hunters! Santa brought an early present for the entire server this Christmas event: some drop table changes! Because this is not an overhaul or rework, no immediate /modsecid uses have been given. And of course, you'll still have your /modsecid use 3 months after your character's last...
  6. Ender

    Ephinea Christmas 2020 Event Thread

    Christmas Event 2020 December 12th - January 9th Link to news post. Welcome to the Christmas 2020 event! This time, @cameron- and I ruined it. Some of the mechanics are the same as 2019 where all of the Normal, Hard, and Very Hard Presents contain the same list and are called Common presents...
  7. Ender

    New Quest: Lost SPIRIT STRIKER

    Hello Hunters! A new quest has been added to Ephinea! Help Hopkins find his SPIRIT STRIKER he lost when battling Saint Milion! You can find this quest under Episode 4 → Retrieval. The gimmick for this quest is randomized spawns. What this means is that most spawn waves in many rooms of the...
  8. Ender

    Two Fodra ships at Ship Select

    Tab on the first one shows correct user count, tab on the second shows 0 players and 0 parties. Both ships are the same when connecting, currently see 0 players/0 parties on Block 1, whereas tab shows 2 players in 2 parties on block 2. But posting just in case there is some unintended...
  9. Ender

    S> Centurion/Ability - 12 PDs each (DONE)

    Sold 8 of these, TY for trades.
  10. Ender

    T> Sealed J-Sword [20/0/0/30|0] for one with room for Native+A.Beast (DONE)

    Let me know the %s on yours and whether it's unsealed and we can work something out.
  11. Ender

    PDA> Yamigarasu [0/35/0/0|40] (DONE)

    Reserve: 5 PDs 24 hour countdown and resets
  12. Ender

    PDA> Heaven Striker [0/0/0/15|20] (DONE)

    Reserve: 50 48 hours initial, 24 hour resets in final 24 hours.
  13. Ender

    PDA> Heaven Striker [0/15/0/0|25] (DONE)

    Reserve: 99 PDs 48 hours after reserve met with 24 hour resets in the final 24 hours.
  14. Ender

    PDA> Cannon Rouge [0/0/0/15|25] (DONE)

    Reserve: 20 PDs 24 hours after reserve met, 24 hours each reset.
  15. Ender

    PDA> Cannon Rouge [0/15/0/0|25] (DONE)

    Reserve: 30 PDs 24 hours after reserve, 24 hours each reset.
  16. Ender

    B> 50+ hit Rambling May with room for MD (DONE)

    Let me know if you have one and what you want for it.
  17. Ender

    Section ID Badge Shop bug for the 1 badge NPC

    Tested this in sandbox just now. The 1 badge NPC in the shop will perform an additional exchange for an item each time you have selected "No" without leaving the menu. Example: 3 badges in inventory (can be same or unique, doesn't matter) Talk to the 1 badge FOmarl NPC Select any item. Select...
  18. Ender

    Auldrant* Block 1 currently showing 180 users at the ship select screen

    Definitely not at 180 users though, but prevents people from connecting. Pressing tab on Auldrant shows the correct user count, while pressing tab on Block 1 shows the incorrect user count.
  19. Ender

    PDA> Cannon Rouge [0/40/0/0|25] (DONE)

    Reserve: 40 PDs 48 hour countdown, 24 hour resets.
  20. Ender

    S> Some items

    Some stuff sitting in my FOnm's char bank for the past two months. Slicer of Fanatic [15/0/0/0|25] - 8 PDs Slicer of Fanatic [45/0/25/0|25] - 8 PDs + 250K meseta :lenny: Heaven Striker [0/0/30/0|0] - 3 PDs + 250k meseta :lenny: Heaven Striker [0/0/0/0|0] - 3 PDs Heaven Striker [0/0/0/45|0] - 11...