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    B>sum stuf

    B> blue merge ignition/tempest/congeal cloaks mind mats master raven 40+hit lk38 i have pd pc and meseta maybe some stuff i can trade too ill take any 20+ free techs u wanna get rid of too :^)
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    laptop graphics card

    laptop has switchable graphics but i cant get pso to use the graphics card, only wants to use the integrated shit i've tried to force the nvidia program to use the gfx card for psobb.exe but it just wont i think this has been a problem in the past but i was hoping someone knew of a workaround...
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    dc magnitude of metal

    got dc'd returning to pioneer 2 right as i was finishing magnitude of metal new hardcore character on purist mode happened 2 times same way (btw the text was shit i said in loby like 10 min before)
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    what animez have you been watching ones i've been watching gundam iron-blood orphans is damb good one punch goes without saying finished original hajime no ippo recently
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    Rng quest selection command

    i don't know whats possible and how hard it would be to implement but a command for suggesting a quest to play in lobby preferably something like /rngsolo and /rngmulti and it will give you a random quest name from a list of actual combat quests have like a cooldown on it so they gotta play...
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    Random media dump

    this seems as good a spot as any to post random videos n such this ones for you bby
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    long time pso scrub and casual that goes by Ducks used to play on scht, had a buttload of humars "de jesus" on forums. quit for a long while and now i'm here hi