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  1. Sodaboy

    Server maintenance complete for February 28th, 2021

    EDIT: Server maintenance has been completed. The Valentine's Day event is officially over. So, the Valentine's Day event was SUPPOSED to end on the 20th, but I got tied up with some things and, yeah, it didn't end. The event will be now ending on February 28th, 2021 at 20:00 UTC. I've...
  2. Sodaboy

    Black paper's deal drop wierdness

    Sucks to be you. Keep trying, you'll eventually get it. Also, don't submit this as a bug report just because your luck is trash. The item definitely drops, it just hasn't for you.
  3. Sodaboy

    Can't launch game after update

    Well, there is still something in your setup causing an issue. On my very basic Windows 10 install with a modern NVIDIA GPU, including the Geforce Experience loaded, I have no issue running everything without admin and everything just works. But, as a workaround for you, you can just run the...
  4. Sodaboy

    Can't launch game after update

    As I stated in the post in the News forum, online.exe will continue to ask for admin until you patch from INSIDE the game, which will download a new online.exe which doesn't need admin. (Online.exe cannot be updated from the launcher since it's already running at the time.) No idea regarding...
  5. Sodaboy

    Ephinea Client Updated to v1201

    It doesn’t need admin to run. Most likely you have some software or overlay that is trying to interface with the game which is making it need admin to run.
  6. Sodaboy

    Can't launch game after update

    Not sure! I'd try the good ol' reboot maybe. I don't know. When running online.exe, clicking "Start Game" simply attempts to launch PsoBB.exe When you run online.exe, does it do anything at all? Does it patch completely and end? If so, just try running PsoBB.exe by itself at that point...
  7. Sodaboy

    Can't launch game after update

    Verify the presence of psobb.exe, ephinea.dll and online.exe If PsoBB.exe or Ephinea.DLL are missing, they most likely were deleted by your antivirus. You can download new copies by launching online.exe If online.exe is missing and either PsoBB.exe or Ephinea.DLL is missing, there isn't much...
  8. Sodaboy

    Ephinea Client Updated to v1201

    We have updated the Ephinea client to v1201. You will need to download the updated EXE and DLL from the launcher using online.exe (Alternatively, you can redownload the installer and reinstall the game.) With this update, we've removed the need for PsoBB.exe and online.exe to require...
  9. Sodaboy

    Server maintenance completed for February 14th, 2021

    Server maintenance has been completed for February 14th, 2021. Please enjoy some bonus experience for Valentine's Day. :) Thank you for playing on Ephinea!
  10. Sodaboy

    can anyone help me???

    I think this topic has gone on long enough. If you forgot the password to one of your accounts, use the link in Ender’s first post to reset it. You will be able to reset it using the email address that is registered to the account. If you’ve lost access to the email address you used to...
  11. Sodaboy

    Server Maintenance Concluded for February 6th, 2021

    Server maintenance has concluded for February 6th, 2021. The following changes were made to the game: - The Valentine's Event has been activated on the server. (You can also find the Valentine's Day quest under Episode 1's One Person "Event" quest category.) During the Valentine's Event, you...
  12. Sodaboy

    New to BB- only played Dreamcast Sylverant

  13. Sodaboy

    New virus falsepositive?

    Windows Defender is a product of Microsoft. So, the question as to why the DLL is detected as something entirely different should be posed to Microsoft directly. Feel free to e-mail them or post on their forums. There isn't any answer we can give you as we don't put trojans or viruses in our...
  14. Sodaboy

    Forum Upgraded

    I’ll look into it but it says minimum word length is 4 for full text search due to a MySQL default. You can put quotation marks around “Red Ring” and it’ll search for that no problem, though.
  15. Sodaboy

    Forum Upgraded

    Yeah, can confirm. That's what it is. If I load the page on my iPhone and then change the zoom value from 100% to something less, it changes how it looks.
  16. Sodaboy

    Forum Upgraded

    You mean while on your phone? I don't know. I just installed it. I'd imagine just requesting the desktop version of the site would work, but apparently it didn't. I'll check it out when I have a moment.
  17. Sodaboy

    Forum Upgraded

    Hello, we have just finished performing an upgrade of the forum software to the latest version of XenForo. A lot of stuff has changed. Immediately, you'll probably notice there is no longer any forum chat at the top of the forum. I didn't feel we needed to pay for the new version of the chat...
  18. Sodaboy

    Next release of Tethealla

    There won’t be a new version of Tethealla. At least not from me. My reasons listed here: tofuman most certainly doesn’t have time to release one either. You’re in...
  19. Sodaboy

    Patch Server Changes, January 17th, 2021

    We made couple of changes to the patch servers today. 1. The patch server which services the internal patch client of PSOBB will no longer send out patches for the default PSOBB "quest" script nor will it patch any of the Unitxt files on the client. It will still send updates of online.exe as...
  20. Sodaboy

    Weapon shop no longer goes up to 50%

    Seems fine to me!