Magatama Beta 9

a Modern Mag Planner/Calculator made by Aether89 [ WIP ]

  1. [ Beta 8 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features ]
    • Can set mag default stats.
    • Can load a Blank Mag from the menu
    • Formatting of the Output with color and fonts.
    • Added a Version Check on load of save file
    • Added Feedcharts for PSO Version 1 or 2 ( Ep1 )
    • MagDex have the option to load Ep1 or Ep2 Feedcharts

    • Output Export as been modified to be in Rich Text File format.
    • Upgraded the PhotonBlast to use xml to populate list.
    • Redesigned the Settings Interface to use tabs.
    • Change the file structure to use number rather than text, easier to translate and easier to fix typographical error.
    • Fixed some typographical error.
    • Added Episode to Mag data files.
    • MagDex now start at the feeding chart.
    • Optimized the Feeding Code.
    • Fixed and error with Mag Tier 4 Evolving
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