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    Maximum Attack E Time Records.

    Bumping with 2 new records this year We knocked mines 4p down to 3"24 Kannon [HUct] (@CritDraw) µ-Ziq [HUct] (@Dark) Mangle [HUct] (@No Hit) phelix [FOnm] (@phelix) wanted to get sub 3 forest, but they were getting...
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    Times of the MAE quests

    This thread still exists, please bump it!
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    Let's stop the toxicity, thanks!

    OP has a valid point here, that being "don't be rude." I have come across a couple rude individuals in a pub yesterday who I believe were only on for the event. They seemed to have been imposing their own silly standards on me. I can mostly ignore these things, but this shouldn't be a recurring...
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    7th Anniversary Event Thread

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    A> gungnir [arrest] [0/0/0/40|100] (Closed)

    emilia wins @ 20pd lmk when you can trade
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    A> gungnir [arrest] [0/0/0/40|100] (Closed)

    reserve: 20pd 24 hour initial 24 hour resets
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    Server maintenance concluded for June 25th, 2022 (6/26 サーバメンテナンス終了)

    Death in PSO does have meaning outside of HC. You lose time, shifta, and put others at risk if its multiplayer. You have good reasons not only to learn to dodge it, but how to kill it before it even spits.
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    B> PS 97pd each [done]

    need 0
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    Why so much hype about mechguns?

    Next time you test, try out using this website: If we compare the combo NHS between Heaven Striker (100%) and Vise (0%) we can see that the Vise does a significant amount of damage over a Heaven Striker when it comes to a full combo. The enemies aren't...
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    A> Psycho Wand [0/0/0/0] [CHB: 270] (Closed)

    you weren't exactly late as of that post, but its ending with this one now. lmk when you can trade fialet
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    A> Psycho Wand [0/0/0/0] [CHB: 270] (Closed)

    about 1 hour remains
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    A> Psycho Wand [0/0/0/0] [CHB: 270] (Closed)

    zelpha 260 chb increments of 4+ pd from now on only please
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    A> Psycho Wand [0/0/0/0] [CHB: 270] (Closed)

    ~28 hours remain
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    A> Psycho Wand [0/0/0/0] [CHB: 270] (Closed)

    clean reserve: 250pd 48 hour countdown 24 hour resets spheres 98:1
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    Quest Review: Lost Hell Pallasch

    If you wanted a hard date, LHP was released May 23rd, 2006.