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    Tiberion's trade list

    Adept for the Sambas?
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    DXY's Trade List

    Yes, I can jump on!
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    DXY's Trade List

    ...and the 10/10 Rupika
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    DXY's Trade List

    I'll take the 80h geist raygun, 60h meteor smash and...
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    DLL Update for May 12th, 2022 (DLLアップデート)

    Noooooo!!!!!!!! You're going to take away my HUmar's purple Devil's Tail??!! I built him around it!! Lol jk idc Thank you for this beautiful update to a game that was pronounced legally dead many years ago but refuses to die clinically!!! You are all champions of a huge part of my life!!
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    Mystic's Market!

    What are they?
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    Side story quests all locked

    Thank you!
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    Side story quests all locked

    I came back to the two characters I have Dr. Osto's Research unlocked on and every single quest available, with the exception of CDFS, is now locked. I have no idea when this occurred because I haven't loaded it up on either for a while since you started being able trade parts for badges during...
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    Psycho's shop [updated 2/4/22]

    I'll buy this off ya!
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    Almalexia's Shop [Updated 01.18.22]

    And the perfect Thirteen and addslots
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    Almalexia's Shop [Updated 01.18.22]

    I'll buy that yas3000 40h